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DSM Manage complicated data entry and collection for corporate’s and for legal firms engaged in group litigation orders or large actions and projects that require a lot of data management, data indexing and retrieval, document handling or claimant interaction.

We will help you with your data management and your back office data easily and also help you collect your data efficiently and quickly.

In the case of class actions (GLO’s) it is often the case that hundreds, even thousands of potential claimants data needs collecting, checking and re-checking, amending, uploading and storing securely and safely, often with indexed parameters so that this data can be easily retrieved at a later time.

Our data management systems will do all this work for you at reasonable prices to help a legal case’s funding and financial efficiency; and we will work with the legal representative firm and their funders to achieve the most efficient and practical solution for the case.

We will create a web site front end for your case so that claimants can set up their own accounts and enter their own data using fields and forms pre agreed with the legal practice, in advance.

With this data then stored it can be easily retrieved, looked at, sectioned and classified in many ways by subject matter, areas, gender and more.

We offer three essential products for this data management:-


We setup a data capture web site for you, which has a secure section so that claimants or data entry candidates can create an on line account and then complete, on line, any data entry forms that are required.

We create the required database structures and tools for what ever the project is and we create the indexes and queries required by you, in close association with you – getting the structure right the 1st time out is of the essence!

We create data capture tables based around the required information you need for your project.

In this process we build and create integral data checking tools that watch for data accuracy, correct inputs, field management and so on…

We build and create the data interrogation tools required to access the data in intelligent ways once it has been captured.  This allows searching for particular information easier.

All data is automatically encrypted as an extra security step.  You never know what steps the “other side” might take to get their hands on data and in an unlikely event that security protocols are broken through and data stolen would not be readable anyway!

Data Management

After creating the structures, web site and capturing data it then will need management.  Data needs checking for accuracy, spurious information or checking against silly errors made by the claimant.

We will check all data for accuracy and if your project requires printed forms, which need signing and witnessing we will check these for accuracy, completeness and false information, including attempts to falsify witness signatures.

If your claimants or data inputers cannot or do not want to use a web site we can take manually completed forms and enter these into the database for you.

If your claimants or data inputers do not want to setup accounts, or cannot setup accounts on the web site we will create accounts for them so that they can complete the data entry stages.

We will also store and archive captured data, securely and safely.

Promotion and Advertising

Your litigation action or project might need advertising to recruit claimants or data partners.  You might need PR to promote your action or project.

We can help you with all of this via standard press means and via several social media platforms.